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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Antipiratbyrån's news article

Antipiratbyrån is the swedish version of MPAA. If I recall correctly, they're even the swedish subdivision of the MPAA. It appears they were at least one of those behind the razzia.

Original article here (don't know if it's a permanent link..).

*** *** *** Translation

The Pirate Bay closed down

Today, the police performed a series of raids against places where The Pirate Bay operates. was shut down at 12.30 [12.30 PM, GMT+1].

Up until last night, The Pirate Bay was the place for a large part of the illegal file sharing of the world. According to their own numbers, there were about a million users who could upload and download mostly movies, games and music. With its size and expressed goal to expose and make fun of concerned copyright holders, The Pirate Bay was made famous all around the world. Sweden became internationally known as a safe haven for those committing copyright crimes on the Internet. This was exploited economically, selling ad space, porn ads and collection of donations.

It's good that the swedish police is prioritizing this type of crime. Copyright pays for the creation of movies, computer game, music and other culture. Those who defy the copyright law steal from the creators and movie watchers of the future. This is why shutting down The Pirate Bay is good for all those who appreciate new movies and entertainment, says Henrik Pontén, lawyer of Antipiratbyrån.

Swedish productions are highly damaged by the illegal file sharing, says Per-Erik Wallin of Föreningen Sveriges Filmproducenter [Litterally: Association Swedish Movie Creators]. If swedish movies are available on the net before they open, there is a lesser probability of the movies getting back the production cost, and even less to pay for the next movie. This damages both script writers, directors, actors and the movie crew.
*** *** *** End translation

There is not much to note here. Perhaps that swedish movies are subvented, and partly payed for with tax money.


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