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Friday, June 02, 2006

Henrik Pontén claims he was misquoted

Wow. has published a new interview with Henrik Pontén. Sure, this is hot news, but this interview feels very.. orchestrated. You'll see what I mean.

*** *** *** Start translation
Antipiratbyrån, are you taking legal action against Piratbyrån?

Hi there, Henrik Pontén of Antipiratbyrån. An interview on during the thursday created some debate and question marks around your stance towards your opponents in copyright-sceptical Piratbyrån.

Are you taking legal action against the lobby organisation Piratbyrån?
"No, there is freedom of speech in this country, and Piratbyrån has a right to their opinion. We've never pressed charges against Piratbyrån and doing it is completely out of the question."

What kind of parties are you taking legal action against?
"Those who commit crimes against the copyright law, in this case the file sharing site The Pirate Bay. Earlier, we've pressed charges against a number of single file sharers who have broken the same law, among others."

What is your view of Piratbyrån?
"We have a fundamentally different opinion, så we are certainly opponents. Piratbyrån's view of copyright is not compatible with ours."

What is the purpose of Antipiratbyrån?
"We fight for a functional copyright. In my point of view, the right to free speech is tightly connected to the creativity that the copyright holders behind the works we try to protect stand for. At the same time, we feel it's time for the file sharing sites to start separating material that is independantly produced and material that is protected by copyright, something they aren't doing at this point."

Foot note: In an interview with Henrik Pontén June 1st about the police razzia against The Pirate Bay, reported that Pontén had said:
"Yes, I'm happy that the police have started working with these matters. At the same time, we here at Antipiratbyrån have primarily worked against the copyright-hostile organisation Piratbyrån, the ones behind the site. The Pirate Bay is at the bottom of the chain, even if the damage they've done is very extensive."

This friday morning, Henrik Pontén felt he was misquoted. Because of this, the quote in the article with the header "Antipiratbyrån: They've caused great damage[link to my translation]" has been edited.

*** *** *** End translation

Now, didn't that just feel very orchestrated? I'm going to add a note about the contents being changed, and how it was changed, in the translation of the old interview.


  • Hahahah, always the same explanation - "misquoted". Politicians were, are and still will be dishonest cowards.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:24 PM  

  • Thanks so much for your work translating for us English speakers, it's been a pleasure to be able to follow along more closely.

    Just though I'd offer some encouragement, before there was any thought you may have about the usefulness of your efforts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:13 PM  

  • Calling that an interview is a bit of a stretch. Your absolutely correct it seems completely very orchestrated. Something I'd expect from the US's Fox News not from liberal Sweeden.

    Anon, from Australia

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:14 AM  

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