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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Short interview with Falkvinge

The newspaper Expressen has published a short interview with the leader of the Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge. Original article here.

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Pirate Party: "Legal outrage"

The raid on the Pirate Bay is a legal outrage and proves that the police is controlled by interests of the american industry. This is the opinion of Rickard Falkvinge, leader of the Pirate Party, which is pro-file sharing.
- The police has no business being there, he tells

According to Rickard Falkvinge, several previous trials have shown that the activities conducted by the people behind the web site The Pirate Bay is not illegal. Because of this, he is very skeptical to today's bust.
- This is a legal outrage. Which company would have accepted that the police came in and interrupted the whole business before being proven guilty of breaking the law, says Falkvinge whose party doesn't have a tangible connection to The Pirate Bay.
- Of course, we know who they are, since their opinions are pretty much the same as ours.

"Authority in this field"
According to him, the police has been controlled by the lobby organisation of the movie industry, AntipiratbyrÄn.
- The police considers AntipiratbyrÄn an authority in this field; they will do whatever they ask, Falkvinge says.
The Pirate Party was founded Januari 1st this year, and takes a stance for an open society with easily accesible information.
- We're going to election on the intent to stop this kind of foolishness, Rickard Falkvinge says.
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