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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Heh, sorry about the comments..

Just like many of you, I was wondering why there were no comments at all on the blog. I mean, it's been read quite a number of times.. Well, it appears I had comment moderation turned on. And I never noticed the comments, so they were never approved. So, when I logged in today to add a post (which will probably be the one after this one), the new Blogger interface said in big letters: "401 unmoderated comments waiting" or something like that. Two hundred of them were spam. Luckily, they were the latest 200, so they were easily marked and rejected. Sorry if I managed to reject any valid comments in the process.

Anyways, so now there are about 200 comments on the blog. I'll try to read them through and answer them if I think it's still relevant. :P

(don't worry, comment moderation will now be turned off.)

Edit/addition: Today at 5:35 PM, I got over a hundred notifications proclaiming new comments on my blog. I was very excited.


  • better late then never ;-)

    (well, actually I'm not so sure if I will not regret one or two from the exiting early days ~365 days ago)

    By Anonymous kdsde, at 7:46 AM  

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