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Monday, February 16, 2009

"Huge and important"

Attorney Peter Danowsky, prosecutor Håkan Roswall and one of the defendants, Gottfrid Svartholm, comment the trial.

-- This is a huge and important copyright infringement case, but it's not a political case as some claim, says attorney Peter Danowsky, one of the industry representatives, on his way into the courtroom.

Prosecutor Håkan Roswall has decided not to comment on the case for the duration of the trial.

One of the defendants, Gottfrid Svartholm, discusses the huge attention with TT:

-- It's a bit over the top. Maybe it would've been enough with one camera. But we're going to win this, at least at the highest authority.

Upon being asked if losing will result in any large consequences, Svartholm answers:

-- No, not for filesharing on the net in any case.

Outside Stockholm district court, among the people demonstrating in support of The Pirate Bay, is Krister Lindberg.

-- I'm here to show my support, and I think it's the issue of democracy that's the most important, not the file sharing issue itself, says Lindberg who is of the opinion that there are large risks that the freedom on the net will be reduced while restrictions increase.

from DN.


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