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Monday, June 05, 2006

More pirate humor

Piratbyrån forum moderator kenny_lex likes to draw.

Check this one out. It says:
- I'm sorry, but there's only one fish and one loaf of bread. Since copying is illegal, watch me eat them.

What would have happened if Jesus didn't copy and share things?
Another comic depicts the president of Swedish IFPI (kind of like RIAA) exclaiming "We don't want to exaggerate, but now we're hiring Al Qaeda in the hunt for those mean pirates!"


  • Hello Snild,
    first of all thank you very much for the great work you are doing these (they will sometime be called historic) days!
    Bringing some light of what is happening in Sweden to the english speaking world. Good job, keep it coming, its important!

    What the content-MAFIAA has done last week should be known some day as the time eqivalent to the time when the big comet hit the earth that eradicates the dinosaurs.
    The (maybe "legal" or "illegal" but in any case totally unjustified) TPB-bust will be someday known as the comet that started the eradication of the MAFIAAsaurus Rex

    As i understand it, it is not so long since it is that it is called "illigal" in Sweden to share.
    It is important that the whole swedish society (and not only the pirat flag swinging youth) will now stand up and keep their current lawmakers constantly aware that the society will not tolerate to be labeled "Criminal" just because they care about other human beings like Jesus has done!

    Europe is on a dark path these Days
    In Germany for example the Contentindustry lobbied Politicians have changed the Copyrightlaw in a way that it will criminalyse the schoolyards from next year on because the so called "Bagatellparagaph" was deleted in german copyrightlaw due to lobbying of the dinosaur!

    Not the big fat, by money interests driven, backyard blackmarket of illigal pressed CDs and DVDs but the schoolyards; the not by money but by social interests driven people to the people (p2p) "market".
    Lets show THEM™ that we the people will not let us criminalyse in the name of an Industry that is affraid of loosing its only business they are doing; the copying and distributing of cultur. In nowadays Times of Internet-Age the People thanks for the relatively fast swedish uploadlines. Swedes computerusers are my heros can do this much more better and efficently then they can do it.
    If they are not able to adopt their business modell to the present Times then they will get eradicated because of the aftermath of the "TPB and PRQ(!) raid comet" like the Dinosaurs once get eradicated as a cause of a real solid object comet!

    In a not so far future the artist will have their digital micromoney payment systems and content will flow freely from one to another and legally without consumer only anoying and restricting DRM bullshit as it is flowing allready "illegal" today. And they will get payments for it! (and they will get better payed than these Days by the MAFIAA I'm shure about that) Because Humans care for each other and will care for the Artists that brings us our culture as well!

    Some Day in the future Rickards words: "My name is ... And I'm a Pirate" will have their place in history books like the famous JFK one "Ich bin ein Berliner!"

    I have the lucky honnor that i can say both truly without lying;
    Ich bin ein Berliner.
    My TPB-nick is kdsde. And I'm a Pirat
    (only an tiny one (5 songs) so no need to uselessly waste money of german taxpayers to raid me)

    The forestanding Coment is my "intellectuall property". I release it under creative commons. I invite Snild to do proof reading and correct syntax errors. My english teacher was afraid to be labeled "Criminal" when she would share more cultural stuff with me, so please blame "intellectuall property"-content MAFIAA (new url for my bad english ;)

    By Anonymous kdsde, at 8:26 AM  

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