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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Make up your mind!

According to, Gottfrid Svartholm, one of the suspects, was denied a defender during his interrogation. I can't translate the article right now, since their server seems to be severely overloaded (except for the front page..), and it will probably not be fixed until monday. Anyways, the police said that since he's not risking prison on the suspicions, he's not entitled to a public defender during the interrogation.

Ok, now remember that last sentence.

Next, let's ponder the DNA sample the legal advisor was forced to supply. When confronted with this, the police responded that forced DNA samples are fully legal when suspected of a crime where a possible consequence is prison.

Ok.. So now, a question on many people's minds is.. "w00t?!?". If it's not on your mind, re-read the police's statements above, compare the possible consequences, and then agree with the rest of us.

On another note, Anakata seems to have some humor even now. Oscar Swartz reports that, according to sources near him, the person suspected to be Anakata (they're not sure?) has confessed the Palme assassination.


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